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In 2000, Executive Hotels & Resorts purchased the hotel and introduced an extensive capital investment plan aimed at modernizing the hotel's equipment and systems while retaining and enhancing the hotel's historical character. Over the years, Executive has installed new HVAC, plumbing, electrical, elevators, IT and other operational systems to modernize the hotel, including two new restaurants, as well as new interior design concepts. These features have been incorporated throughout the property to bring the historic Executive Hotel Pacific Seattle into the modern age. And as with any heritage restoration project, there are always many more enhancement projects that we have planned. We hope you will enjoy your stay in this historically significant Seattle hotel, and continue to read of the exhilarating heritage history of our beloved hotel.


Symbolic of Prosperity & Urban Livelihood

Having opened in 1928, this property is directly associated with the early twentieth century developmental era (1920-1930) and the roaring 20s’ specifically, when a significant number of commercial buildings were constructed, and the modern downtown commercial district was fully established. Family-style hotels were designed to include suites of rooms that would be used by individuals who needed especially comfortable long-term accommodations for their relocated families, or those who traveled regularly but maintained a principal residence elsewhere. Apartment hotels differed from apartment living in that regular household help and meals were provided as part of the hotel services, typically executed in a modest neoclassical mode.



The hotel was opened with a gala dance in the Spanish ballroom (not to be confused with the ballroom of the same name in the Olympic Hotel located a block away) on August 30, 1928. In 1928, hotel rates were around $1.50 per day, and $10.00 per week and up. The land remained in the ownership of the Kreilsheimer family until 1977. It was operated by Hungerford’s daughter, Grace Hungerford until 1970. Then it was operated by Earl Hungerford’s two granddaughters Mary Ann Whitaker, who at the age of 13 began working at hotel and eventually ran the dining facilities, and Betty Hallock who ran the hotel itself. In 1977, the Spring Development Company – part of Unico Properties, Inc. purchased the land parcel from the Kreilsheimer family. In 1978, the building and land was sold to the Fourth & Spring Associates (Pat Colee and Richard Clotfeller, partners), which undertook a major renovation of the hotel rooms reducing the number from 174 to 168. The project also included cleaning the brick and terra cotta exterior, replacing windows and upgrading the lobby. At that time the hotel was renamed the Pacific Plaza Hotel, until the year 2000, when Executive Hotels & Resorts acquired it.



Located at the corner of the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Spring Street, this nine-story hotel building (with a concrete foundation/basement) originally housed several retail stores and 181 hotel rooms including 20 apartment suites. It has an irregular footprint measuring approximately 75’ x 111’ and continues to function as a hotel. It exhibits a three-part vertical block façade composition and the upper floors are lavishly decorated with classically-derived terra cotta ornament. The reinforced concrete structural system is primarily clad with yellow-cream color brick. The utilitarian shaft extends from the third to the eighth-floor levels and is only accentuated by simple unframed rectangular window openings with terra cotta sills. By contrast the building is capped at the uppermost floor level by lavish glazed terra cotta ornament including elaborate window surrounds incorporating turned colonettes, garlanded lintels, and shell-form tympana. The roofline is terminated by a simple, narrow terra cotta cornice. Original 1/1 double-hung windows appear to have been replaced with an in-kind window product similar to the original. The two-story building base includes the storefront level at Fourth Avenue and the second floor/hotel lobby level accessed from Spring Street. The building base is capped by a simple classically detailed intermediate cornice and the second-floor level windows include sculpted terra cotta lintels and a continuous sill. The entire Fourth Avenue storefront level is distinguished by an original ornate metal canopy that includes seven modern pyramidal skylights. The storefront level has been partially remodeled, although portions of the original storefronts remain in place including green marble cladding and wooden window and doorway trim. The original hotel canopy and terra cotta ornamented entryway at Spring Street have been extensively remodeled and the Fourth Avenue entryway eliminated.



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